The Spin Cycle


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These images were created with the support of a City of Ottawa Studio Grant between September 2010  and January 2011.   Most of the images were captured using a 20 second exposure at roughly F/14 aperture.   In all cases the subject held a pose while being manually spun on a large platform.

A big thank you to all who took part!
Paul Berthelot / Neola Husbands / LydiaSmiles / Jodie Wight / Ashley Walker / Micheca Thomas / Liisa Savinov-Mountain / Yo La / Alex Martino / Ve_r0nika / Nes Leksina / Selina Smith / Cristina Hure / Brettalicious / Brian Stever / Mahmoud139 / Arielle Campbell / Evy P / Liz Carruthers / Jenny Flegg / Miica Lo / Jane Jira / Candace Johannah / Nancy Mariuz/ George Young/Alejandea Hernandez Poulin/Nancy-Lynn Stoller /Sally Nevins / and of course  Monica Nevins , without whose support this would not have been possible.

The images were first exhibited :

March 28th – April 8th  2011
ASP Gallery @ Stafford Studios
Unit#1  – 35 Stafford Rd., Bells Corners, Ottawa, Ont
Opening Reception:
April 3rd 2011  11:00-14:00

& were also seen @FAT2011

the full set is available at BLURB